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                        Research in Hebei University of Technology


                        HEBUT is equipped with 1 national engineering research center and 17 provincial and ministerial level research institutes, including 1 state key laboratory base co-founded by Hebei province and the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education.  With the establishment of the HEBUT National Defense Science and Technology Institute, the university obtained a national military-industrial confidentiality qualification. Since 2004, near 3000 research projects have been undertaken resulting in 1500 scientific achievements (160 of which are national key level projects) which have been applied in many enterprises and public institutions.

                        The National 02 Major Specialized Project, hosted by HEBUT, has excellently completed the national evalution.Hundreds of scientific achievements won national, provincial and ministerial awards. With over 480 patents authorized, HEBUT is rated as one of the 10 outstanding Invention and Innovation Institutions in China.

                        (Till July, 2013)

                        HEBUT successively undertook many national projects such as national 02 major projects, national outstanding youth fund project, national natural science fund key project, national 973 project, 863 project, national scientific and technological supporting project, and so on.

                        Professor Lu Jianguo has made remarkable achievements in design theories on reliability of electrical appliance; he won the second prize of national scientific and technological advancement for three times, and won in 2008 the scientific and technological advancement award of He Liang & He Li Fund as well as the special nomarch award for science and technology of Hebei Province; his research fruits helped the appliance industry of China to come out among the oversea competitors.

                        The first national engineering center of HEBUT, called national technology innovation method and implementation tool & engineering process research center, has made great contribution to comprehensive improvement of innovation and international competitiveness of enterprises and to the proceeding of China from a manufacture country to a creation country. This center is the only national engineering center in the field of technology innovation methodology.

                          Professor Liu Yuling chaired a national 02 major program prospective application demonstration project called Process and Materials of Flattening of Extremely Large Scale Integrated Circuits, which was a breakthrough in the history of national major program undertaken by local college or university in China. This project was successfully accepted in 2012, the project fruits were appraised as excellent, and the project team was appraised as an excellent team.

                        The seawater efficient utilization engineering team has been included in the Changjiang scholar and innovation team development program of the Ministry of Education, and the seawater kalium abstraction technology using zeolite ion screen developed by this team with its own intellectual property has been industrialized.

                        The new type combined trapezoid spray tray (CTST) technology won the second prize of national scientific and technological advancement award 2012, and over 2,000 sets of such CTST products have been used in large and middle scale enterprises in 29 provinces and municipalities in China. Li Chunli, the inventor of this technology, won the outstanding S&T contribution award of Hebei Province.