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                        The 2nd International Conference on 3D Construction Printing Held in Tianjin

                        Translator: 国际交流与合作处 Editor: release date :2019-10-18

                        On October 12th, the 2nd International Conference on 3D Construction Printing3DcP-2019, jointly hosted by Tongji University and HEBUT, was held in Tianjin. Prof. Ma Guowei, vice president of HEBUT and dean of the School of Civil and Transportation Engineering, and Prof. Xiao Jianzhuang from Tongji University cochaired the conference. HEBUT leaders, Prof. Li Qiang and Prof. Li Tiejun, also attended the opening ceremony.

                        Prof. Behrikh Khoshnevis from University of Southern California gave a report entitled Birth, Growth and Impact of Contour Crafting at the conference. He introduced in detail the research and application of 3D contour crafting, envisages the development of 3DcP technology, and encouraged young scholars to do more in the field.

                        Prof. Victor C.Li from University of Michigan delivered a speech entitled 3DP with Engineered Cementitious Composites (3DP-ECC), He introduced the design, development, characteristics and application of ECC materials as well as ECC materials-based 3D printers.

                               In his presentation Towards hybrid manufacturing with 3D concrete printing, Prof. Richard Buswell from Loughborough University offered the latest progress in 3D printing equipment and materials, especially the application of hybrid 3D printing technology in intelligent construction.

                        The conference lasted for three days with 13 plenary specches and 42 keynote talks. Around 200 scholars from more than 15 countries and regions attended the conference and exchanged their ideas on new materials, structures, equipment and technology for 3D construction printing.


                        Translated by Lv Yi, revised by and proofread by Shi Gengshan