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                        HEBUT Recruiting Global Talents for Academic Job Vacancies

                        Translator: International Office Editor: release date :2017-05-12

                        Hebei University of Technology (HEBUT) is a key university that features Engineeringalong with a balanced multidisciplinary development. Situated in Tianjin City while subordinated to Hebei Province, HEBUT is one of the key universities from the Project 211. It is China’s only university jointly sponsored by three entities: the government of Hebei Province, the government of Tianjin City, and China’s Ministry of Education. In 2016, it ranksin the Double First-rate project.

                        HEBUT, originally known as Beiyang Technical School, was founded in 1903. As one of China’s modern institutions of higher education with the long history, it is known as “the cradle of engineers” as well as the first university for producing top-class technological talents. It is also the place where China’s first university factory and the first modern water conservancy research institute were born. Over a hundred years of legacy have shaped its unique school management characteristics stressing “academic learning-engineering practice balance”.





                        Since its establishment, HEBUT has been coaching students under the motto “Diligence, Prudence, Devotion and Loyalty” with due respect to “academic learning- engineering practice balance”, which has gradually boosted a “hardworking, prudent, practical-minded and enterprising” school ethos. For years, over 210,000 graduates have contributed tremendously to the national liberation and economic prosperity of China.

                        Currently there are over 1500 full-time teachers (with over 800 holding senior professional titles) and more than 23,000 full-time students (6,000 of whom are postgraduate students).

                        Within its current teaching faculty, over 260 get listed in provincial and ministerial level talent programs such as the Recruitment Program of Global Experts, Changjiang (Yangtze River) Scholars Program, National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars, scientific and technological innovation leading talents from National high-level talents special support plan (Thousands of People Plan), National Expert with Remarkable Contributions, national candidates for New Century Talents Project, national master teachers, provincial extraordinary experts, and so on. HEBUT also boasts more than 10 brilliant academic teams that have been recognized as being national and provincial leaders in education.

                        The school consists of 19 CPC and government administration institutions, 20 teaching institutions, 12 tutoring centers and directly subordinate agencies,and 70 undergraduate majors covering seven disciplines from engineering, science, economics, management, literature, art and law. Apart from that, it owns 9 post-doctoral research stations, 7 PhD degree authorization stations on first-degree subjects,22 master degree authorization stationson first-degree subjects, 6 academic degree categories, 20 degree authorization fields forMasters of Engineering, and 2 disciplines (Engineering and Materials Science) that rank in the world's top 1% of ESI.

                        HEBUT sincerely invites all kinds of talent from across the globe to join its development, and in return, a competitive income package is offered covering salary, remuneration, as well as a decent living and working condition.




                        Vacancies and Requirements

                        1.Yuanguang Scholar

                        -Extraordinary Scholar Position: Desired candidates include Academicians from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, outstanding talents from the National High-Level Talents Special Support Plan (Thousands of People Plan), domestically and globally recognized top-notch talents from Humanities and Social Sciences fields, and well-known scholars with equivalent academic credentials and prestige from home or abroad.


                        -Leading Scholar Position A: Desired candidates include selectees on full-time projects by Recruitment Program of Global Experts program, leading talents from the Thousands ofPeople Plan, chair professor/special-term professor from Changjiang (Yangtze River) Scholars Program, winner of the National Natural Science Foundation of China for prominent youth, winner of National Higher Education Teacher Award, or a candidate of equivalent credentials.


                        - Special-term Scholar Position A: Desired candidates include winners of the National Natural Science Foundation of China for outstanding youth, young selectees ofRecruitment Program of Global Experts program, young elites from the Thousands of People Plan, andnational 100 Excellent Doctoral Dissertations Award winners.


                        -Sailing ScholarPosition A: Desired candidates include selectees by Hundred-Talent Program (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Thousand-talent program (Tianjin), Hundred-Talent Program (Hebei Province), and other candidates matching the credentialsrequirements of oversea talent employment programs on provincial and municipal level.


                        -Talents with equal competence are encouraged to apply for position B of eachcorresponding position from Yuanguang Scholar series as listed above.


                        2. Outstanding Talents

                        Outstanding doctoral graduates are welcome who are with senior professional, technical positions/titles or high academic potential, as well as a background conforming to relevant policies and specific job requirements of HEBUT open recruitment.


                        1.Basic Remuneration for Yuanguang Scholar





                        N.B. Present employees of HEBUT, upon successful application for a Yuanguang Scholar position that matches his or her credentials, enjoys the same remuneration.

                        2. Basic Remuneration for Outstanding Talents

                        Level of Talent

                        Discipline Construction Funds

                        (RMB )

                        Housing Allowance and Settling Subsidy

                        (RMB )


                        SeniorProfessional Positions

                        Science& Engineering, 1,000,000

                        Humanities&Social Science/Economics& Management, 600,000


                        Basic Salary +

                        Merit Pay

                        Deputy Senior Professional  Positions

                        Science&Engineering, 500,000

                        Humanities&Social Science/Economics& Management, 300,000


                        Outstanding Ph.D Graduate

                        Science&Engineering, 250,000

                        Humanities&Social Science/Economics& Management, 150,000




                        Award for Introducing and Mentoring Talents

                        Award for Introducing and Mentoring Talents will be given to units and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to introducingand mentoring high-level talents.


                        Name of Schools withVacancies,Majors, Contacts





                        Application Method

                        Applicants should email a detailed CV to both the specific school he or she applies to and the Personnel Department of HEBUT, with the email titled “School of Application-Major-Name”. It is suggested that he or she call the contact person of that school to confirm reception of the email.

                        Mandatory information items of the CV include: an uninterrupted academic and professional record from when the applicant entered university to the day of application; any recently published theses, writings, patents, research projects he or she is in charge of, courses and pilot teaching projects he or she leads, achievement sheets demonstrating accomplishments in R&D and application, etc; telephone or mobile number, email, etc.

                        Address: 5340 Xiping Road, Beichen District, Tianjin City, P.R.China

                        School Website:www.hebut.edu.cn

                        Contact: Talent Office of the Personnel Department of HEBUT

                        Telephone: +86-22-60438249

                        Fax: +86-22-60438268

                        Email: rczp@hebut.edu.cn

                        Welcome to Hebei University of Technology!



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